Lots of sexual humor throughout. But of course, it's all just a prelude to this movie's real point: the party. Violence Gore a girl smashes her face repeatedly on her desk, breaking her nose. Add an item, violence Gore, three men destroy a copy machine. A lot of the language is used in a sexual context. We were unable to submit your evaluation. One girl uses a very powerful vibrator in which the intensity is increased based on how many tokens users give. There are two fake suicide scenes. Add an item, profanity, moderate 17 of 27 found this moderate. Lot's of sexual references and sex jokes. A woman is shown naked in a bathtub, full frontal nudity can be seen for around 10 seconds. Contains a passing reference to a "coke-head and a man falsely claims to be a crack addict. There is no blood and the scene is meant for comical effect. Contains a discreetly sexual dream sequence, some sexual references (e.g. Even if they aren't real, both of them are very bloody and graphic.

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But the scenes of amusing-enough wasted-people comedy are interrupted by scenes of oddly out-of-place violence - like when Walter tries to swing from the rooftop using strung Christmas lights and lands, after a 20-foot fall, on a filing cabinet with an awful thump. It's fairly amusing, as these things. Add an item, frightening Intense Scenes there's two "suicide" scenes in the film however it turns out that they are both fake. She has many orgasms to the point she appears to be miserable. 33 uses of "fuck 10 uses of "shit" and other language like "pussy" or "dick". No nudity is shown, but it is clear that this is a sexual scene constant orgasm sounds. "shit" "ass" "asshole" etc). Nude model topless and rear nudity. Add an item, violence Gore, moderate 14 of 29 found this moderate. Add an item, alcohol, Drugs Smoking, mild 14 of 23 found this mild. Vance's prim Walter gets a faceful of cocaine due to another character's mistake with a fake-snow blower, various coworkers get busy in offices and on rooftops, Miller dresses up like Santa and rides a sleigh down the office stairs, hapless middle manager Nate (. Add an item, alcohol, Drugs Smoking, mild 15 of 17 found this mild. Nearly 30 uses of "fuck "motherfucker" and many uses of "shit "bitch" and "ass". The film revolves around the idea of stolen identity.

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