Échange médailles yokai - Home Facebook List of Yo-kai by Medallium Number (Yo-kai Watch 2) Friend Code Exchange Yo-kai Watch Wiki fandom powered Cette page a pour but de discuter Yokai et de pouvoir échanger des médailles yokai que vous pourriez avoir en double. This is a list. Yo - kai that appear in, yo - kai Watch 2, organized by their appearance in the. Yo - kai, medallium. YO-KAI watch 2 Fantômes bouffis Informations de base YO-KAI watch 2: Psychic Specters pour les consoles Figurine Yo-Kaï Watch Porte-médaillon : Jibanyan Skeleton Duo and the Koma Duo (Undertale x Yo-kai Watch YO-KAI watch 2: Bony Spirits - Nintendo - Official Site) As of the Oni Evolution update (Version.0) and the release of Psychic Specters, several new befriendable and Boss. Yo - kai were added to the game. Forum Yo - kai Watch, wiki - Friendcodes exchange board Friend Code, exchange. Im trying to fina out how to get freinds for My son at yo, kai watch 2 psychic spectors, he wants to exchange or something. But how does you get freinds?

Les rêves du passé les abeilles

Food 084 Terrorpotta Earth Ranger Snacks 085 Dulluma Earth Tank Curry 086 Darumacho Earth Tank Curry 087 Goruma Wind Tank Curry 088 Wotchagot FS Ice Tank Chinese Food 089 Pride Shrimp FS Restoration Tank Seafood 090 No-Go. Food 001, pandle, rice Balls 002, undy. Food 202 Leadoni Candy 203 Mynimo Candy 204 Ake Candy 205 Payn Candy 206 Agon Candy 207 Wydeawake FS Hamburgers 208 Allnyta FS Hamburgers 209 Herbiboy BS Vegetables 210 Carniboy BS Meat 211 Negatibuzz Juice 212 Moskevil Juice. Food 284 Cricky Sushi 285 Noko Hamburgers 286 Bloominoko Hamburgers 287 Pandanoko Hamburgers 288 Snaggly Sweets 289 Whinona Sweets 290 Heheheel Meat 291 Croonger Meat 292 Urnaconda Meat 293 Fishpicable Meat 294 Rageon Meat 295 Tunatic Meat 296 Flushback. This article is under construction. Food 430 Snottle Snacks 431 Moximous N PS Snacks 432 Moximous K PS Snacks 433 Jibanyan S BS Chocobars 434 Komasan S FS Milk 435 Komajiro S PS Milk 436 Darkyubi PS Oden 437 Illuminoct PS Seafood. Food 040 Brokenbrella Snacks 041 Pittapatt Snacks 042 Snotsolong Seafood 043 Duchoo Seafood 044 D'wanna Hamburgers 045 N'more Hamburgers 046 Q'wit Hamburgers 047 Wazzat Candy 048 Houzzat Candy 049 Dummkap Candy 050 Faysoff BS Oden 051 Lafalotta Hamburgers 052 Blips Hamburgers. Chinese Food 010, lie-in Heart Chinese Food 011 Hissfit Meat 012 Zerberker Meat 013 Snartle Meat 014 Mochismo Rice Balls 015 Minochi Rice Balls 016 Tublappa Oden 017 Slicenrice Rice Balls 018 Flamurice Rice Balls 019 Helmsman Vegetables 020 Reuknight Vegetables. Icon Yo-kai Rank Tribe Attri. Original Release Brave,. This is a list of, yo-kai that appear in, yo-kai Watch 2, organized by their appearance in the.

Rattelle Fire Healer Sweets 126 Skelebella Water Healer Sweets 127 Cadin Wind Ranger Juice 128 Cadable Wind Ranger Juice 129 Singcada Fire Ranger Juice 130 Pupsicle Ice Fighter. As of the Oni Evolution update (Version.0) and the release. Slacka-slash, juice 007, brushido, sweets 008, washogun, sweets 009, lie-in. Sandmeh Oden 174 Pallysol Oden 175 Scarasol Sushi 176 Lodo Milk 177 Supoor Hero Milk 178 Chippa Milk 179 Gnomey Snacks 180 High Gnomey Snacks 181 Enerfly Juice 182 Enefly Juice 183 Betterfly Juice 184 Peppillon Juice 185 Predictabull. Il est possible daffronter dautres boss en se connectant avec les joueurs possédants YO-KAI watch 2: Bony Spirits ou YO-KAI watch 2: Fleshy Souls. Préparez-vous, car ces combats ne sont pas faciles. This article is currently under construction for various kinds of reasons by the administrators of Yo-kai Watch Wiki. Plus vous collectionnez dorbes oni, plus de boss vous pourrez combattre. Affrontez de nombreux méchants boss dont certains qui apparaissent seulement dans YO-KAI watch 2: Psychic Specters. Food 244 Coughkoff Bread 245 Hurchin Bread 246 Droplette Juice 247 Drizzle Juice 248 Slush Juice 249 Alhail Juice 250 Gush Juice 251 Peckpocket Hamburgers 252 Robbinyu Hamburgers 253 Rockabelly Hamburgers 254 Squeeky Curry 255 Rawry Curry 256. Food 161 Wantston Ramen 162 Grubsnitch Ramen 163 Wiglin Ramen 164 Kelpacabana Ramen 165 Steppa Ramen 166 Rhyth Ramen 167 Hungramps Rice Balls 168 Hungorge Rice Balls 169 Grainpa Rice Balls 170 Tongus Vegetables 171 Nurse Tongus Vegetables 172 Sandmeh Oden 173. Food 355 Unfairy PS Snacks 356 Unkaind PS Seafood 357 Untidy PS Meat 358 Unpleasant PS Oden 359 Unkeen PS Curry 360 Grublappa PS Oden 361 Madmunch PS Oden 362 Badsmella PS Sweets 363 Mad Kappa PS Chinese. I m working on completing the medallion. I play Yokai watch 2, fleshly souls and I need some bony.

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